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Welcome to Incredible Art – the Artisan Cake Boutique, a haven for confectionery enthusiasts. Our unique concept seamlessly integrates three realms in the realm of ‘Baking and Confectionery’ into a single destination – the Patisserie, Cake Boutique, and an esteemed Academy. Rooted in the rich heritage of European pastry artistry, our Patisserie stands as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship, boasting an extraordinary array of pastries. Each creation is meticulously crafted and presented with a contemporary and professional flair.

At Incredible Art, we go beyond traditional boundaries to provide an exceptional experience. Our Patisserie showcases a breathtaking assortment of pastries, masterfully uniting artistic presentation with delightful flavors. Step into our Baking and Pastry Institute in Kochi and explore a world where edible artistry takes center stage. From bespoke cakes that tell stories to exquisite designs that redefine elegance, our cake baking classes in Ernakulam is a testament to creativity unbound.  

Our Mission

At Incredible Art Baking School, our mission is to be the beacon of excellence in the realm of baking and confectionery education, empowering individuals to master the art, science, and innovation that define this pastry world.


This course is meticulously designed to nurture your passion and delve more into the field of pastry arts with international standards. This course is spearheaded by the founder, Rumana Jaseel – a noted personality in Patisserie and an award-winning Cake Innovator. And that’s why this course is guaranteed to set a strong foundation in Pastry Art for all potential professional Pastry Chefs who would like to expand their career opportunities.

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